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Our Why…

Our Why is simple. We pride ourselves being able to reach out to the people who need it the most. A lot of people find gym’s a daunting experience and some just don’t have the motivation to go and some can’t find a babysitter to look after their children. By us meeting you at your home or online, we take away that reason to not do what is required.

Also, a lot of people struggle with information overload. What we mean by this is there is just so much information on google these days, but what is correct? Generally, you will have 500 different opinions leaving you more confused than ever before. The real answer is everyone is different. We will show you the correct way for you and explain to you why so you understand what happens if we do or we don’t. We pride ourselves finding out everything about you to challenge and motivate you mentally and physically. We believe separates us from other health professionals is our passion to deliver the best possible service for you. Plus as we are with you everyday, we ensure results are met.

We also understand people need to be held accountable. We have based our systems around accountable, ensuring you are always on track with your health.

Our goal for this year is to have 100 successful clients/case studies. When you join Committed 2 Fitness, you will not be a number. You will be a client who will be held accountable, ensuring you are successful in your health.

We stand by 3 words “Inspire”, meaning we want you to be inspired and be excited for the future. “Commit” we want you to commit to this program and to yourself which will give you another reason to want to work and “Achieve”. We want your hardwork to come to fruition. We know that if you attend every coaching and mobile training session, plus follow our systems, you will be successful, in fact we are so confident that if you do all this and not see any changes, we will gladly give you back your money.

We are exciting to see what the future will bring, especially now we have the resources to help people anywhere in the world. Regardless of whether you feel this is the right option for you or not We genuinely wish you the best of luck for your fitness endeavours and look forward to hearing from you!

A few notes from the company proprietor and some of our trainers are below:

What We Do

We Inspire. Together we Commit. And from this YOU will Achieve.

Eliminate Excuses

“I forgot my shoes”
“I don’t know where to start”
“I don’t like gyms”
well…no more!

Creating an opportunity for health each day

With accountability our focus we encourage daily habits, a vital key in your success.

Make exercise fun

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. We will bring the ‘kid’ out of you and make exercise fun again.

Help us reverse the trend

Join us today and help us reverse these alarming statistics.

Meet the Team

Check out our profile and get to know your trainer now!

Jeremy - Founder of Committed2Fitness

Jeremy Thom

Founder - Virtual PT/Nutritionist/Personal Coach

I have been in the fitness industry now since 2002 and in my personal experience have had to go through weight loss, rehabilitation and sports specific programs. I understand what it takes both mind and body to achieve the goals we truly want.

Simon O'Connor Virtual PT Personal Coach

Simon O'Connor

Virtual PT/Personal Coach

I have been working in the fitness industry since 1993, and have done numerous amount of professions from lecturing at both TAFE and University to working at various gyms and mining sites and sporting clubs. 

I understand how the human body works and understand the biomechanics from my years both as a health education lecturer and graduate.

Nicole Hardie Mobile PT South

Nicole Hardie

Mobile PT - South

In 2018 I completed my course in personal training. I spent most of my life living in a small town so as soon as I made the decision to move to the city, I knew it was time to follow my dream and become a personal trainer. My dream began when I started attending group classes and the gym after work. It became what I would look forward to and became a part of my lifestyle, it helped me both physically and especially mentally. I thought to myself, why not turn my passion into a career and help others feel the inspiration I do?

Jacob Polglaise Mobile PT Central

Jacob Polglaise

Mobile PT - Central

I have recently graduated from Carthage College in the US with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sport Science. I have been involved in coaching at several local sporting clubs, and have a passion for rehabilitation, injury prevention and biomechanics.

Ryan Amirpour Mobile PT North

Ryan Amirpour

Mobile PT - North

I have been in sport (soccer) for over 20 years, and played in a couple of tournaments. It led me to keep myself fit for many years until now. I completed my course in fitness in 2019 and since then I have been very passionate about helping others to achieve their fitness goals.