Online Programs

Programs from just $1 per day

Online Programs available from just $1 per day! Get the right program for you and your needs. Each program provides a flexible plan with a variety of workouts to suit all levels.

With our exclusive fitness app, we are able to make this all happen – View your progress, workouts with video instructions, food diary, accountability tracker and so much more. Choose the right package for you today!

Our Online Packages


This program is designed specificially for weight loss. Flatten the belly, thighs and butt!

No equipment is needed and you can choose which level suits you. Start today!


This program is designed to tone up your body, shed away that unwanted love handles. tighten those ‘areas’

For this you will need dumbbells and bands that you can purchase from our store. Choose your level and start today!


Have a fitness goal you are targetting? This program is designed get you fit. Expect a lot of cardio, core and HIIT with this one.

Bike, Bands, Skipping Rope and Stepper is all you will need with this one.


Perhaps you don’t fit in any of these categories. You may have an injury, or you may have specific equipment that you would like us to implement into the program. Or it could just be you want to achieve more than just one goal and you want it customised for your needs.

Our PC program is exactly that. With private 1-1 regular online coaching appointments, we are able to continually tweak your program to give you exactly what you need. Included is our nutrition assessment, to specify what food you should and shouldn’t be having based on your health, history and goals.


We would love to book in your free strategy today to show you first hand how we ensure results are met at C2F!