Introducing... Our Fitness App

Your Personal Trainer in your pocket!

Your own personal trainer in your pocket! Our world class app allow you to follow one of our automated programs or we can custom build a program for you to suit you and your personal goals.

Our app has it all – With our app you can view your progress, see your workouts with video instructions from us, track your food, keep you accountable and so much more. Ask for a free trial today!


Our app tracks all your stats, from body weight to girth, from blood pressure to body fat. View your progress reports at anytime!


Our app allows you to see you workouts listing each exercise, with a quick video showing you how we want you to complete each exercise.


Our app knows exactly when you are using the app and how long you are on for. In other words, we know how much effort you are really putting into your health.


Our app allows you to sync all your data with MyFitnessPal to track your food, view your macro balance, consumption rate and more.


Our app also syncs with most smart watches. Apple, Samsung and Fit Bit. See your daily steps and sleep rate in our charts at anytime


With our app, we offer daily support for you. At anytime, message us any question through the app and we will get back to you.


Our app already contains automated programs designed for weight loss and more! Choose your program and get started today!


We understand everyone is different. You may have an injury, or you may have specific equipment that you would like us to implement into the program. Or it could just be you want to achieve more than just one goal and you want it customised for your needs.

Our PC program is exactly that. With private 1-1 regular online coaching appointments, we are able to continually tweak your program to give you exactly what you need. Included is our nutrition assessment, to specify what food you should and shouldn’t be having based on your health, history and goals.


We would love to book in your trial to show you first hand how we ensure results are met at C2F!