Personal Coaching

Support and Education is vital to your success in health.

If you are serious about achieving your results and require more individual support and commitment, personal coaching is exactly what you need. We will design your program specifically to suit you, and will even adapt workouts along the way based on your feedback and lifestyle needs.

A big part of personal training is mindset development. Before you even start to pick up that dumbbell or dust off those sneakers before your first run, we want you to ask yourself this. Why? What has got you to this point that today is the day you want to do something for your health? If we can find your true why, then we can ensure you are going to be successful.

The truth is, most of us want to live a healthy lifestyle, however find it rather difficult to continue, to maintain. By finding out your true why, and how this health change is going to impact your life, you will find the task much easier.

With Committed 2 Fitness, we know that the first step is ensuring you have the right mindset, and by continuing to develop your mindset, your health goals will no longer be a pipe dream, but a reality.

With our Personal Coaching, we are with you every single day is some way shape or form. We also will allocate LIVE online video and phone chats to speak with you personally to keep you accountable, excited and hungry for success.

The Keys to Success


This step is vital. Without attending your coaching/virtual sessions, success in your health minimises dramatically. At C2F we will set plenty of reminders so you don’t forget!


Having a true goal is crucial for you maintain commitment and consistency. Our regular chats involve setting a realistic plan to help you through your health journey.


Having the real belief that you can achieve this goals can be a real battle if we don’t take our goal planning seriously. At C2F we will help instil the belief you need to get you over that hurdle that has haunted you in the past


Each task, no matter how big or small is vital for you to be successful in your health journey, which is why at C2F, we set various tasks for you to complete during the week.


Celebrating the wins in our health journey, being able to enjoy and reflect in our achievements ensures we look forward to the next challenge.


Acknowledging and accepting when we aren’t having the best of weeks is just as important as the wins. At C2F we will help you get through these tough times and re-focused for the upcoming week.


Is time your achilles heel? Finding not enough hours in the day, Always anxious, stressed, feeling guilty? Need balance in your life? At C2F we will help you with your time management to structure you schedule to suit you and your health goals.


Being accountable to us and more importantly to yourself is vital if you want to be successful in your health. At C2F, if we notice a bit of a ‘slip up’ in your commitment, we will react quickly using many different techniques to get you back on track.


We would love to arrange a FREE 7 Day trial to show you exactly how we can help you with success in your health and happiness.